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About Chuck

   My name is Chuck Anderson.  My wife and I first visited Ocean Shores on our first wedding anniversary and we instantly fell in love with the town.  We vowed to move here someday and about a year and a half ago we made that dream come true.  As we settled in we began to get more and more involved in the community.  I sometimes promote events and the first event we brought to town benefited the local food bank.  That event has now become a recurring one.  We also got involved with a wonderful organization called Angels For Ocean Shores which helps out needy youths in our schools.  I began to go to city council meetings and to a sitting councilwoman's weekly community voices meetings and began hearing the community's concerns on various issues.  Through promoting shows here in town I began to meet local business owners and heard their concerns and challenges.  I decided that the next logical step in my increasing involvement would be running for one of the open council seats in the upcoming election.

  Before moving to Ocean Shores I spent eighteen years in the Early Childhood Education industry, working most recently as a STEM teacher in an academic based preschool environment.  Exposing children to science concepts was very rewarding for me.  Before turning to teaching I spent twenty years in the culinary/hospitality/tourism industry in a wide range of positions.

   Ocean Shores seems to be going through an identity crisis, are we a retirement community? A residential community?  A tourist destination?  The answer of course is that we are all three and need to work together to find the balance needed to be a wonderful place  to live and visit.  Tourism fuels our economy and we can use the revenue to address the needs of our citizens.  We need to be welcoming new events and businesses to town as well as supporting the existing ones. For this to happen we need strong, responsive, transparent leadership from our elected officials.  Elected officials who will listen to and respond to the needs and concerns of those who put them in power.

   I promise to be one such official if elected, thank you for reading this statement

Committee to Elect Chuck Anderson
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